Selangor - The Heartland of the Nation

About an hour and a half from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, in the state of Selangor, stretches the remarkable beach at Morib. At low tide the deserted beach extends far out to the distant horizon, where the sea appears as a straight line of shimmering blue. A lovely vista, yes, but the more fascinating view is right at one's feet. Among the tidal pools are tiny crabs, a wide variety of fascinating shellfish, and occasionally even a couple of king crabs nestling into a deeper puddle. Of course, fascination may yield to appetite, as the shellfish of Morib are among the tastiest in all of Malaysia.
A venture into the interior will bring you to traditional kampong houses surrounded by coconut trees and coffee shrubs. Occasionally, you'll see coffee beans spread out on the ground to dry. Standing alone by the padi fields is an abandoned palace of the 1800s. Nearby is a 9-hole golf course, a popular haunt among golfers who want to enjoy a few rounds of their favorite game amidst tranquil surroundings.

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