Perlis - Land of Rustic Beauty

Perlis offers a delightful variety of ethnic cuisine. A fusion of Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian aromas waft continuously through the air. Western fare is also available in hotels and cafes. All major towns are within 20 kilometers of the sea making fresh seafood easily available. 'Laksa Perlis' is a home made seafood noodle soup. Its ingredients can be combined according to your preference. The thick, rich, spicy and creamy fish gravy is exhilarating to the palate.

The choice of eating places ranges from hawker centers to air conditioned restaurants and luxury hotels. The prices are very reasonable and the service friendly and courteous.

The farmers' market is held in designated locations around the state. Farmers and vendors sell a variety of fresh produce, fruit, vegetables, fish and prawns as well as non-agricultural goods.


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