Perlis - Land of Rustic Beauty

The royal town of Arau is located 10 km from Kangar. Of interest here is the imposing Istana Arau or Royal Palace and the Royal Mosque, which boasts some of the finest examples of classic Malay/Islamic architecture in the country. Arau is the disembarkation point for visitors travelling by train from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. From Arau, taxis are available to Kuala Perlis, where the ferry terminal to Langkawi is located.

The town's name is derived from a limestone hill known by the local folks as Bukit Chuping. It is situated to the northeast of Kangar. There are 22,000 hectares of plantation. This commercial area is well known for its wide sugarcane plantation and the processing of sugar. Harvesting period starts from December and done until June. There are factories and rubber plantations around. Even so, the vast, green landscape of Chuping is a lovely sight to behold.

Museum Kota Dayang
This new museum is situated close to what was historically a fortified area (the word Kota translates as "fort" in English). The area is also the burial ground for two 16th century Sultans of Kedah. Limestone outcroppings surround the remains of a palace like sentries on eternal watch. The site is marked by two simple mausoleums with gravestones, and the remnants of timbers that demarcated the burial sites. While the grounds were being excavated for the construction of the new museum, artifacts most likely from the late Neolithic era were found. A bell-mouthed jar of red clay, with cord-mark decorations, signifying the Ban Kao Neolithic culture of southern Thailand and Malaya, was found fairly intact.

Kangar is the capital of Perlis. It is located in the heart of the country's "rice bowl" region, and depending on the season, it is surrounded by lush green fields or golden yellow padi, ripe for harvesting. Although new buildings can be seen, Kangar retains much of its old world charm. A small town with everything within walking distance, Kangar is not lacking in amenities and facilities. The major landmark of the town is the state mosque, Masjid Alwi.

Wang Kelian State Park
Nature lovers and adventurers are sure to enjoy the visit to Wang Kelian State Park. The forest is rich with flora and fauna, with some of the flora is close to Thai vegetation. The State Park is 1,000ha in size, located in the Mata Ayer Forest Reserve. On the way to Wang Kelian, visitors will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Timah Tasoh Lake and the unique twin peaks of Bukit Chabang. For adventurers, take a challenging walk at the jungle trek from the camping site past a tripping waterfall leading to the Wang Burma cave. Continue walking and you might find interesting things in the cave. Not forgetting the popular Sunday market in Wang Kelian, where no passport is needed when crossing the Thai-Malaysian border. This is only provided that they remain within the market area.

The Snake And Reptile Farm
Surrounded by the Bukit Bintang Forest Reserve near Sungai Batu Pahat, and located 10 km north of Kangar is the Snake and Reptile Farm.
The Snake Farm is a research facility set up to develop serums for snakebites. Housing more than 20 species of snakes, as well as crocodiles and monitor lizards, it is the only snake farm in Malaysia. The farm has open-air enclosures as well as enclosed exhibits.

Gua Kelam Recreational Park
Gua Kelam, Kaki Bukit refers to the 370-metre long limestone cave at the small town of Kaki Bukit. Its name literally means "at a foothill (Kaki Bukit) lies a dark cave (Gua Kelam)". Access to the cave is by way of a suspension bridge. The uniqueness of approach, as well as the experience of walking along the bridge, make a visit to this place an intriguing and adventurous experience. A subterranean stream flows in the limestone range near Kaki Bukit for about a quarter of a mile long. As in other limestone areas, the stream has built a long cavern over the centuries. This physiographic phenomenon was enlarged throughout the length of the underground stream in 1935 by a resident Englishman who saw it as a marvellous way of transporting tin ore from a mine located near the stream entrance through the underground cavern. A wooden walkway hangs suspended throughout the length of the underground cavern providing a wondrous means of communication from Kaki Bukit to a valley on the opposite end - the Wan Tangga Valley.



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