Perak - The Land of Grace

Pulau Pangkor
Situated just off the west coast of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia is one of the most enchanting islands you'll ever come across. Pangkor has for centuries enthralled visitors with her charming beauty. In days of old, she was the refuge of seamen who sailed through the Straits of Malacca. Pangkor's many idyllic bays made it the perfect stopover. Pirates, adventurers, merchants and soldiers of fortune sought the peace and tranquility she had to offer. In stark contrast to malaysia's fast-paced progress, Pangkor remains a haven for those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Soak up the sun on her golden beaches.

Teluk Batik
Approximately 84 km south of Ipoh is the quiet coastal town of Lumut which is now the base of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the jumping-off point to Pangkor island. Many locals, however, do not take the ferry to Pangkor but instead head for Teluk Batik, a pleasant beach about 6 km from Lumut. Here the white sands and swaying coconut trees make it an ideal site for relaxation and swimming. At low tide, some hard corals become visible. Chalet accommodation is available.

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