Melaka - Where it All Began

Perched midway in the Straits of Melaka, is a state that is abundantly rich, not just in natural resources but also history and folklore. Melaka is where it all began. Founded by Parameswara in 1396 who named his sultanate after the "Melaka" tree, Melaka has provided the stage on which the Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and English played their roles in shaping history. Today, Melaka posesses a charm that is all its own. Hail a trishaw for a ride along little streets that wind through a colourful mishmash of architectural styles. Cruise along Melaka river, then walk along hillocks that have tales to tell, of warware and treachery, romance and heartbreak. Its historical influences have bequeathed Melaka with a delightful mixture of people and cultures, all of whom contribute to the charm of this city. Melaka is also a treasure trove of activities and nature pursuits. Those seeking quality healthcare or education can also rely on Melaka's excellent facilities. And as a MICE destination, this historical city is without a doubt unbeatable.


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