Labuan - Malaysia's Pearl of the South China Sea

There are a couple of popular beaches in Labuan. The Layang-Layangan Beach has cycling paths and picnic tables shaded by large leafy trees. It is lively, with stalls, horse-riding and it also hosts the Peace Park. The Pancur Hitam Beach is one of the most developed beaches in Labuan, and a beautiful park extends directly onto the long sandy beach. There’s an exotic collection of Borneo birds at the Labuan Bird Park at Tanjung Kubong, though it’s quite small. It has three large domed cages, and is home to many of the 580 species of birds found in Borneo’s diverse habitats, from mangroves along the coast to forests in the mountains. One huge facility on the island is the Labuan Sea Sports Complex at the waterfront, the largest such centre in Malaysia. The modern amenities will enable Labuan to host more international sea sports events and championships. The complex houses the main sea sports centre, an administrative block, a marine biology museum, souvenir shops and eateries.

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