Rebak Marina Resort

Rebak Marina Resort. Ten minutes off the coast of Langkawi lies a small, secluded island resort with its own 128 berth marina and a holiday lifestyle. Yachts from around the world tie up at Rebak before continuing their journey to new destinations.
A unique maritime atmosphere pervades the whole resort. Exciting experiences are relived and shared amongst mariners and guests at the marina bar.


No private island, within a thousand mautical miles offers such exclusivity.
In fact, there are only 104 rooms on the entire island, all of which are set in clusters as well as junior suites. All superbly furnished to international standard.

And when it comes to dining in style, imagine a fresh air breakfast as the sun rises across the sea. Or lunch a la carte. Or a sumptuous dinner as the tropical sun sinks slowly beyond the horizon. The memories will linger forever! After Rebak, no other holiday will be quite the same.

Rebak Marina Resort
P.O.Box 125,Kuah, 07007 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel : +604-966 5566 Fax : +604-966 9973
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Location: Langkawi

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