Kedah - Land With A Rich Heritage

Gunung Jerai
Gunung Jerai (1,200 meters) is the highest spot in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, and as such it has for millennia served as a landmark for seafaring traders. Myths and legends concerning this peak abound. One is of a 'king with fangs' who resided at the foothills of the mountain in the Bujang Valley, now known to be the site of Kedah's ancient kingdom. The peak of Gunung Jerai offers a breathtaking vista, and can be reached via the nature trail or by road.

Pulau Langkawi
Pulau Langkawi is an internationally famous resort destination and an island of exceptional natural beauty. Pulau Langkawi's landscape is painted with marbled mountains, vast paddy fields and rural villages, miles and miles of white sandy beaches, secret caves, and pockets of virgin rainforests dating back millions of years. Although tourism is the main industry for the people of Langkawi and has been for the past decade or so, the sea remains a healthy source of income for local fishermen. In pockets of local fishing communities one can still find the age-old cottage industry of harvesting, drying and processing of sea cucumbers into a balsamic oil for all sorts of minor ailment.

State Museum
Although it is only about fifty years old, the State Museum (Muzium Di Raja) is another fine example of local architectural integration of Thai design characteristics. It houses an interesting collection of objects and artifacts of Kedah's royal and cultural heritage.

Pekan Rabu
In translation Pekan Rabu means "Wednesday Market," but the popularity of this vibrant market has extended its business hours throughout the entire week, from morning till midnight. Its colourful stalls sell handicrafts as well as delicious food. Best place to sample traditional Kedah fare like a sweetcake made from the durian fruit called Dodol Durian. Located near the Government offices in Alor Setar.

Pantai Merdeka
Located 60 km south of Alor Setar, this 1 km beach is a popular day spot for bathing and makes for a refreshing stop after a day of touring around the Bujang Valley area. Pantai Merdeka also offers both diving and sport fishing off its coast. A day trip fishing for mackerel and sailfish runs about RM40 per person, as does a day of diving.


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